Northern California
TD/TDX March 2001

Photos from the TD/TDX Tracking Test

(all photos by Susan Bates)

Arastradero Preserve parking lot (aka Tracking Test Headquarters), Mary Ann Graziano, Chief Tracklayer, preparing for Sunday's test, doing double duty on morning hospitality too.
An exhausted Mary Ann Graziano getting some sleep while track is being plotted by judges and tracklayers. Janet Gray and Eileen Oshiro waiting for their turns to walk their tracks.
TD test is successfully completed with 2 passes. Now we're heading out to the hills to watch the TDX dogs, having just completed the draw for TDX tracks. (Pat White and "Riot" drew track #1). The judges are followed by Pat and "Riot," the gallery and the tracklayer.
Yes, you have to be brave to track!
Terry (foreground) and Carole S. (to her left) both grinning having earned TDs on their young goldens just an hour earlier...don't they look relaxed now!
Pat following 20 feet behind Riot on a tracking line (must follow 20-40 feet behind at all times), having successfully clearing their first obstacle, a downed tree. Judges observing on right and gallery on left.
Happiness is...a new TDX! Pat, "Riot" and tracklayer, Jayne Hurkman. Note: most of "Riot's" track could not be viewed by the gallery... so a very happy face on Pat is pretty much the next thing we saw.
Debi Best and "Jan Jan" with judges, heading out to their start (Steve, tracklayer, following well behind so as not to foul track). Yes Steve, we see the map!
Steve racing to the top of the hill after Jan Jan literally bolts up the hill from his start... WOW!
"Jan Jan" and Debi just past the half way point of their track, judges following behind.
Another nice shot of "Jan Jan" tracking -- he was all business!
I believe this is Jan Jan's 3rd article (TDX track has 4 articles, and the 4th is always a glove). A relieved Debi with judges observing. But wait, there's more "Jan Jan"...
"Jan Jan" and Debi heading toward an obstacle.
We've gotta be near the end!...
Yeah!!! "Jan Jan" comes up with the glove! Another TDX!! Does Debi look a little happy?
Everyone runs up to congratulate the talented team while Debi removes "Jan Jan's" harness. Debi and judges sharing all the details with the observers.
Sheer joy.
"Did someone say that I get to eat now?", says "Jan Jan."
All of us relishing the moment, realizing that we just witnessed a perfect TD/TDX test (100% pass rate), as we walk together back to the parking lot for an early lunch, thanks to some fast dogs! ("Jan Jan" ran his track in just 13 minutes, which is extremely fast for TDX which covers 800-1,000 yards. Both dogs tracks were just over 800 yards long.)
Almost back to the parking lot, Debi chatting with judge, Ron Simmons, and "Jan Jan" enjoying his walk of glory. Carrying the glove all the way back to the parking lot, the true sign of a happy tracker.
This is what we refer to as two very happy new TDXs and handlers.
All of us gathering for lunch under cover.
Chef Dimity Mueller presiding while some very hungry patrons look on.

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