Northern California
TD/TDX Test Results, Mar 2001

March 3-4, 2001

Report by Susan Bates, Tracking Test Secretary & Chairman

Photos from the tracking test

Judges: Ronald W. Simmons and Carole Blanz

Number of Tracks: 2 TD and 2 TDX
Number of Passes: 2 TD and 2 TDX!!!!!

Entrants, Dogs and New Titles:

Carole Steding & DD's Montana Fishing the Ruby, TD (Spring)
Terry Southard & Coppertop Celebration, TD (Dixie)
Pat White & OTCH Sunfire’s Causin a Riot, TDX, UDX, MH, OA, OAJ (Riot)
Debi Best & Timberline Northwood Twilight, TDX (Jan Jan)

Our tracking test was successful by any measure! All four entries PASSED! While not unique, a 100% pass rate is far from typical for a tracking test. Our success was a testimony to the excellent natural tracking ability of our wonderful golden retriever breed and, in particular, the very talented and prepared noses of the four dogs that ran in the test.

The handlers performed nicely too, of course, but some of them could have used sleds -- all they did was hang on for dear life while their dogs accurately, but furiously, raced down their tracks to the end articles! The judges and gallery had to run to keep up!

In addition to the significant talent and ability of the dog and handler teams, there were several other factors that led to our success.

First, we had perfect weather and fantastic cover conditions during the test. And the tracks that the judges plotted were absolutely beautiful. No question, this is a great year to be out tracking and entering tests. Lots of people inquired about how the storm affected us on Sunday. Interestingly, on Sunday morning the weather was calm, cool and slightly moist with negligible wind (PERFECT TRACKING WEATHER!), and our tracking was completed by 10:45 a.m.! The cover was nice and wet from all the rain during the week and overnight, but it wasn't sopping either. Only AFTER we had gathered in the parking lot under cover for a delicious lunch and awards ceremony, did the storm begin. Were we lucky, or what?!! Awards were handed out while all the workers, entrants and observers hung on to the canopies to keep them from blasting away in the wind!

Another critical reason for our success was all of the excellent volunteer help. Enough great things cannot be said about our Chief Tracklayer, Mary Ann Graziano. Her extensive knowledge and experience regarding tracking tests made this Secretary's job a breeze. Thank you, thank you, Mary Ann.

We are both very grateful to all of the following people who volunteered and made such a difference for us:

TD Tracklayers: Susan Bates, Track #1; Eileen Oshiro, Track #2; Pat Lynch, Alternate Track.

TDX Tracklayers: Jayne Hurkman, Track #1: Steve Southard, Track #2; Janet Gray, Alternate Track.

Cross-Tracks: Mae Weintraub, Eileen Oshiro, Louise Bryan.

Drivers: Nancy Kelly, Janet Peacock.

Hospitality: Betsy Sumner, Ferol Larson, Dimity Mueller.

Photos: Steve Southard, Susan Bates.

Thank you!

For those of you who haven't tried tracking, ask us about it. Now is the time to start before those foxtails come out...happy trails!


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