Puppy Referral


If you’re looking for a quality Golden puppy from a breeder in Northern California, or have any questions about finding and buying a puppy, please feel free to contact breeder referral agents Ken & Trudy Blanchard:   (phone) (707) 455-0281 (email): gngrgold@pacbell.net

[View some of the current listings] (updated: 8/9/2016)

Be an informed puppy buyer! Some great information about acquiring a puppy can be found here: Acquiring a Golden Retriever. Know what to ask when looking for a puppy. Being informed will help ensure that you have a healthy golden that will be with you for many wonderful years. Pupmills
rescue Consider adopting a rescue golden. Not all households can handle raising a puppy (it can be a LOT of work!!), but perhaps an older puppy or dog would be more appropriate.  Please visit NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue.

Be informed: Read more about “Rare White Goldens”, “English Cremes”

Puppy Auctions: View the GRCA Position on Puppy Auctions, and this article on Puppy Auctions (published 10/17/2003)

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