2007 WC/WCX Results
June 2, 2007 - Hightest Retrievers, Oroville, CA
Photos by Don McKee. View all the event photos at Topflight Photography.

WC: 13 starters, 10 qualifiers
Judges (back row in photos): Julie Cairns and Debbie Tandoc

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Hyegold Midsumr Knights Dream CDX RE TDX - Suzanne Bria & Christine Hsu
CH Osprey Stonecrest Premium Blend - Sherry Brothers, Wendy Hunter, Lucy Bradford
Jett's Patrick Stewart - Jean Ettinger (handler: Nancy Murillo)
Fireside Chalice Crusader - Terry Alexander
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Royalridge Rivercity Hustle - Janet & Bob Trigg
Mt. Meadow Just You Wait CDX TDX RE - Kathleen Moore
Vermillion Skylard Fiery Spice CD NAP NJP RN (Toller) - Kathy Gibson
CH Applegarth King Henry JH (Flatcoat) - Don Linville
Penmars Play It Again UD JH (Poodle) - Penny Cavallero

Oriana Vhat A Card CD JH CCA - Barbara Brinkerhoff (not pictured)

WCX: 24 starters, 15 qualifiers
Judges (back row in photos): Rosita Wraith and Nancy Foord
Photos by Topflight Photography

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SR CH Regency Any Excuse To Shop RN JH WC VC - Jamie Warren & Vic/Laura Franchi
Mt. Meadow This Just In UDX JH WC - Susan Stauffer & Kathleen Moore
Sunbeam's Leap Of Faith WC - Jean Mott
Whitey's Ice Cold Bud II - Bill Lawson
Cathy's Charming Charlie - Bill Schaffer
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Fireside Dream Catcher WC SH - Judith Asher
Emberain Bluefire Tracker CDX SH WC - Ann Pauls
Emberain Ivy Gotta Go Hunting SH RN - Jerry & Judy Drum
Porjay's Rugged Rusty Runner MH RN - Jerry & Judy Drum
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Resawood's On A Claire Day SH WC CCA - Nancy Murillo
Resawood's Rainbow Connection JH WC - Nancy Murillo
SR Magicgold's Celtic Causeway JH WC - Cheryl Baca
Magicgold's Galloping Gabby JH WC ** - Cheryl Baca
Maverick's Roadrunner CD MH - Wendy Johnston
Maverick's Peppermint Patty SH - Wendy Johnston


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