Norcal GRC 2006 WC/WCX Results

WCX Qualifiers

  17 Entries/16 Starters/ 4 Qualifiers
  Real Gold Music To My Ears MH
  Owner/Handler : Janet Wood
  DD's Here To Stay WC, TD, JH
  Owners: Chris Hempel & Maureen Degnan
Handler: Chris Hempel
  Magicgold's Wheels Of Fire JH,WC,CGC
  Owner/Handler: Cheryl Baca
  Emberain's Devil In Disguise MH
  Owner/Handler: Ellie Green

WC Qualifiers

  24 Entries/21 Starters/20 Qualifiers
  Sunstorm's Golden Pine Let's Party
  Owners: Susan Osborn, Nancy Kelly, & Patricia Nygren
  Handler: Susan Osborn
  Fireside Dream Catcher JH
  Owner/Handler : Judith Asher
  CH. Gondolin's Mirabella Took JH, AX, MXJ (Flatcoat)
  Owner/Handler: Keli Martin  
  Resawood's Rainbow Connection JH
  Owner: Nancy Murillo
  Handler: George Murillo
  Magicgold's Galloping Gabby
  Owner/Handler: Cheryl Baca
  Dee Dee's Built On A Strong Foundation JH
  Owners: Georgia & Edd Meadows
  Handler: Georgia Meadows
  Magicgold Hotel California JH
  Owner/Handler: Ardith Osborn
  Koloa's Double Or Nothin
  Owners: David & Mary Richter
  Handler: David Richter
  Magicgold's Celtic Causeway
  Owner/Handler: Cheryl Baca
  Sunbeam's Leap Of Faith
  Owners: Gary & Jean Mott
  Handler: Jean Mott
  DD's Hero Of The Golden Fleece JH
  Owners: Richard & Sibyl Singleton
  Handler: Richard Singleton
  DD's True To Form
  Owner/Handler: Louise M. Bryan
  Golden Pine La Grande Dame JH, UD
  Owners: Susan Osborn & Nancy J. Kelly
  Handler: Susan Osborn
  Stonecrest Radio Flyer
  Owners: Karen & Norm Hanami
  Handler: Norm Hanami
  Maverick's West Coast Offense JH
  Owners: Carol Millette-Snodgrass & Gary Snodgrass
  Handler: Carol Snodgrass
  Wraith's Firemark Chesty P. CGC
  Owners: Charles & Rosita Wraith
  Handler: Rosita Wraith
  Sunstorm Party At Golden Pine
  Owners: Nancy Kelly & Patricia Nygren
  Handler: Nancy Kelly
  Cathy's Charming Charlie
  Owner/Handler: Bill Schaffer
  Whitey's Ice Cold Bud II
  Owner/Handler: Bill Lawson
  CH. Lido Chimera Harley-Davidson UDX, OA, AXJ (Poodle)
  Owners: Patricia & Horst Baumberger
  Handler: Patricia Baumberger